Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakopatasana to open hips

Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakopatasana to open hips


What Our clients have been saying

“I like that Flower Garden Yoga has something for everyone. Challenging, hot classes for people who want to work hard, Slow Flow Yoga for people who want a gentle stretch. Some studios only have one or the other. There are days I like a good sweat and days I need to relax and I feel like I can do that here.”

-Diana about all the classes at Flower Garden Yoga


“Great class! Challenging enough and perfect for prenatal students of all levels.”

-Prenatal Yoga Student, Avery


“My daughter and I love this class!!! Ally, the instructor is a love and we can’t wait to go back!!!”

-Flow & Restore Yoga Student, Yazmin


“I love the Aerial Yoga. My back feels so much better now and I sleep better too.”

-Aerial Yoga Student, Xiong


“Jane’s Yoga Nidra is magic. I had a stressful week and at her Sunday class I really dumped it all out and let it go. I’ll be back for sure.”

-Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra Student, Lori


“I like the Aerial Yoga because you can do this!”

 -Kid’s Aerial Yoga Student, Rosaleen says in an upside-down-pose

“Sarah has great energy, flow and a funky playlist, the class was delightful.”

-Jacqueline C.