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Aerial Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: Relax, Recharge, Restart

Benefits of this restful combo are long but here are some: lowers blood-pressure, cross-trains the active athlete, manages pain, decreases anxiety and depression, improves sleep, improves self-esteem, releases stored tension in muscles and fascia, etc.

This class has similar benefits of Yin Yoga but it takes place in a Yoga Hammock hung close to the floor. Here the practitioner enjoys similar shapes of Yin with the help of the Hammock. For example backbends, forward folds, and hip openers are all on the menu.

Yin Yoga is a series of poses that are held for a longer period of time to release tension and to calm the mind. Yin has similar benefits of Acupuncture and Reflexology by channeling the Chi or life force in the body to move. With a Yin Yoga practice, stuck areas become unstuck.

Yoga Nidra, is woven through out the session. It doesn’t matter if you pay attention to the Yoga Nidra or if you tune out, the guided meditation of Yoga Nidra still works on your subconscious mind. Yoga Nidra is is also called “Yogic Sleep” reduces stress, depression, anxiety and helps with self-induced insomnia by using breath awareness, relaxation and meditative techniques.

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