Do You: You are your own best Yoga Teacher

You are your own best Yoga Teacher. Even a beginner student is the best teacher that they can ever have because they are the only one inhabiting their body (unless they are pregnant but that is another blog.) Next time you are on your mat, take the time to ask your body what it needs in today’s practice. Then throughout the practice continue to listen to this amazing gift of life that you have been given. 

 There are times in class, when students get really lost and look around the room and that is when I will step in and Demo a pose, shape, or transition. I practice yoga everyday and when I’m showing them a demonstration it may look like I’m showing off. That is when I say, “your body might want you to be here today or here, listen to your body,” the person next to you might wake-up in Downward Dog. Do you! See you in your seat, mat or in the air soon!