Be the Change You Wish to See -Gandhi

Doesn’t mean that you stop being you and you become someone new. It means that you make decisions to positively impact the world. It is a strong call to action. Don’t wait for someone else to lead. Be the leader in the cause that you care about. 


In the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ Krishna called Arjuna to action, 

In this World there are two main paths:

the yoga of understanding,

for contemplative men; and for men

who are active, the yoga of action.


If you see someone saying something that isn’t kind, create a boundary and inform the person that kindness is just as contagious as sour grapes (wine) and tastes much sweeter (like honey.) Wishing everyone a School Year of Kindness and Sweet Memories. Be kind, be positive, be you. See you in your seat, mat or in the air soon!