Detox to Feel Good

Rather it be emotional or physical it is cathartic and it helps you feel good. Yoga, Meditation, and vigorous activities detox the body/mind. In our Yoga posture classes Classical Hatha to Power Yoga the twisting, forward folding, and back bending poses rinse out the body by compressing internal organs like the kidneys, liver, small and large intestines that all help in cleaning out toxins. 

 Meditation helps us to find space in a busy world. Often a mantra or mind tool is used like a word or phrase to focus the mind. So Hum means “I am that or I am part of the Great Divine.” In this mantra we recognize that we are part of the larger picture.  Set your timer for five minutes from now, sit in a comfortable seat, on an inhale say “So,” on and exhale “Hum.” See you on the mat, seat or in the air soon!