Getting away is hard. I get it. The packing is more challenging than the getting there and the getting there is more exhausting than the getting settled. Takes up to two days some times to get back to the ‘new normal,’ and then the vacation can start. 

Even still unplugging from phones and technology and plugging into the real stuff is important. Being in nature. Being with the people that matter. I have over 20 bug bites right now but who is counting. Okay maybe I am. My practice changes on vacation. I have to wake up before everyone else to meditate and unravel my yoga rug. 

Up early to wake the day for a yoga and meditation practice. Why? A daily meditation and yoga practice is similar to the benefits of a vacation. The mind/body get out of the flight-or-flight mode and healing begins. Because you step away from the hustle of everyday life, the ability to breath deeper and more fully begins. See you on your seat, on your mat, or in the air soon. #yogabeforeeverythingelseafter.