Unplugging to Plug In

This is the time of year that people make plans to do it—Unplug from work and the everyday and put aside chores to connect in a natural setting outdoors! The euphoria you feel after vacation is amazing. How do you keep the natural, healthy high? 

A physical and meditation practice both help. Twenty minutes in a seat or one hour on your mat lets your sympathetic nervous system take a break. What is the sympathetic nervous system? It is the system that is responsible for the fight or flight mode. It told our ancestors to run from predators so we are all able to be here today to read this Blog.

We need it to survive; however, we aren’t being chased anymore. Exhale and feel the ground under you. No one is chasing you, there is no hurry, be hear now, enjoy this human embodiment. Life is meant-to-be enjoyed; Yoga can help you to get to there. See you in your seat, mat or in the air soon!