Hello Spring! It is easy to find inspiration when the sun is shining and the chill in the air is less. On dark rainy days, she is still here. Inspiration is all around. 

In our Hatha Yoga Practice we close our eyes and we go into the dark. From here we deepen the breath, the body expands from the most inner-body to the outer-body. Then we start to move. The movement releases tension and releases our happy hormones. 

 Teaching Yoga continues to teach me so much about humanity and how to be a human. It teaches me about people, how we fall down and get back up again, and how connected we all are to each other. There is so much Inspiration in our stories. The person next to you on their mat has an amazing, inspiring life story and so do you. Go live your abundant life and use all the colors of Spring to paint it! See you on the mat, seat or air soon!

Sarah Reilly