Always a Student: Fill your Cup!

With working seven-days-a-week at creating this space into a long lasting yoga studio, I haven’t had much time to venture out and be a student outside of this studio—Flower Garden Yoga. I like it here and it feels very much like a home away from home. I even distil the same essential oils here that I do at home and it is starting to smell more like home too. 


However, I miss being a student on the mat and not having to be the one that makes the decisions about the class sequencing, which posture comes next. Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the impromptu yoga sessions I have in this studio and the classes I’ve taken with my teaching staff. I still get my miles in on my mat!


What I miss is not being the Teacher. I love teaching, but some times I like to take off my teaching and studio owner hat, let my hair down and tear up my mat. I’m making an appointment to visit my fellow yogis at another studio location this week! I hope this inspires you to listen and to act on your self-care needs. Happy travels on your mat.

Sarah ReillyComment