You Can’t Always Get What You Want

. . . ‘But if you try sometimes you might find

You get what you need . . .  –The Rolling Stones


The Yoga Studio had an unexpected broken pipe and we had to alter the schedule for repairs that meant the new floor had to be ripped up in both the bathroom and the Yoga Studio. Repairs were made to the pipe in the ground, floors are replaced, and the studio she is back to her old-new self again.

Bumps in the road put things into perspective. I’m reminded of the title of Sia’s album, ‘Some People Have REAL Problems,’ this idea also puts things into perspective too. What did you do when the studio seemed like it was falling apart? I ran the business side and spent quality time with my family. I’ve been humbled by the opening of Flower Garden Yoga, LLC and have stepped up to challenges that have made me more resilient. It would be nice if there were no more surprises, but I know I can handle the next bump in the road. May you have smooth travels. See you on the mat soon!


Sarah ReillyComment