The Yoga Practice is the People

July 30th

Our Yoga mat reflects back to us what we put out into the world. The mat is honest and she doesn’t judge you. She reflects your own heart’s wishes and desires. This is the same for our relationships with one another. We learn about ourselves through relationship. In a seated meditation we plug into Source. We recharge our mind and the brain itself changes and it stays larger as you age instead of shrinking as you age. Meditation helps to maintain attention to details and it restores energy. The plus side of a meditation practice is a wakeful-calm alertness.

Our Yoga Classes that we take together in a studio are social. Even if the room is quiet and everyone waits patiently on their mat before class, it is a social sensation of collectivity. We arrive together on our own mats to work together at creating more flexibility, strength, and a sense of wellbeing. The meditation practice and the Physical Practice of Yoga Asana or as we know it Yoga Class both support an abundant life worth living. I wish you luck & love on your inward journey into your meditation practice and into the Yoga Studio at Flower Garden Yoga. See you on the mat soon!