Positive Energy & Good Vibes

I create too much trash and I’m doing something about it. One week at a time, I’m making changes! This week I have a reusable tea/coffee mug to use at the studio during my Kimbertown Wholefoods (Collegeville location) afternoon run. That is my break time to walk from one end of the shopping center to the other. Today I enjoyed their on-tap locally made Blueberry Kombucha. 

A Yoga practice can be cathartic and feel much like you are taking out the trash or getting rid of what you don’t need anymore. You often feel lighter after Yoga. By creating less trash, I’ll save myself trips to the recycling bin and to the garbage bins. This will allow my energy to go to the studio in other ways.

At the studio I’m not selling bottled water. There is a water fountain for reusable containers. Invest in one or two re-usable beverage containers. 80 percent of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills and two million tons of discarded water bottles are overflowing our landfills. Plastic bottles emanate harmful chemicals into the environment during the 1,000 years it takes each bottle to decompose. What can you do to decrease your Carbon footprint?

Sarah Reilly