Inspiration Is All Around

In our home we have been in a food rut. I make the same things because it is easy and I don’t even have to measure or write up a grocery list. Well, we all stopped looking forward to our meals. This week I pulled out a few cookbooks and looked on-line and came up with new smoothies to try in the morning and new entrees for the evenings. 

The Blueberry, Mango, & Almond Butter Smoothie recipe this morning is creamy, not too sweet, and has protein and a little kale in it too.  It looks and tastes great. I’m eating the colors of the rainbow in this smoothie. Inspiration is everywhere; she is in the vibrancy of the foods that we eat and in nature. [The children didn’t like the smoothie, if you have some kid-friendly smoothies please reply back in the comment section.] Some of the yoga poses that we practice today come from the Sages hanging out in the woods and observing animals and plants. From Cobra Pose to Lion’s Breathe nature provides inspiration for Yoga. 

We have had a rainy summer and yes it is harder to tap into the goodness that is all around without the extra light of the sun. Yoga helps us to move those proverbial dark clouds and create our own shimmer from the inner-body out. Inspiration comes to us through our pets, out of our children’s mouths, an artist’s painting, a song, or the food set before us on our plates. It is all around. I invite you to wake up! See you on the mat soon.

*** The Blueberry, Mango & Almond Butter Smoothie is in Hilaria Baldwin’s book The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life.


Sarah ReillyComment