Clearing the Clutter

Much like a sponge cleans the dish and the water rinses away the residue and leaves the plate clean. The inhale breath scrubs the cobwebs and the exhale breath rinses them away. That is the detoxification process of a Yoga practice. Breathe. A thought rises. You scrub on the inhale. Rinse away on the exhale. Be here. Begin again. This is the practice of Yoga. This is the practice of Meditation. It is simple. It is accessible to everyone. 


Just like you clean out a junk draw in your kitchen. We all have one or five in our home. Clean it out for the new screwdriver and thing-a-ma-bobs. It is easier once things have been removed. The shoulders and hips store so much of the stress of a lifetime. The yoga releases the tension with postures and shapes. Space happens. There is more room for life. Begin again.