Happiness is Within

Today is sunny. Yesterday it rained all day long. It is hard to feel happy when the sun won’t let you shine. Why is rain so good? Rain washes away the pollen in the springtime, feeds the earth, plants, animals, and in return us. We need the rain to appreciate the sunny days. If we didn’t have the dark there would be no light. 

Our moods are much like the weather, the seasons, and the sun and moon. We wax and wane too. We are happy and then sad. We feel so much in a lifespan. This human experience is never boring. How can we feel happiness in this rollercoaster of a life? Gratitude. Being thankful for all that we have. 

We aren’t really searching for Happiness, because we can’t attain it outside of ourselves. It is within you already. A gratitude practice puts you on the path to finding your inner light. Count your blessings. Shine brightly! See you on the mat, in your seat or in the air soon!