Mindfulness and Meditation

Wednesday we started our 30-Day Meditation Challenge. How are you doing? Everyone has at least five minutes and that is all you need. Set your phone timer to five minutes from now and find a comfortable seat. Begin. Meditation doesn’t have to feel successful for it to be a success. Your mind may be more jumbled one day than another, but there is no such thing as a bad meditation session because you are still holding that space for yourself. Close your eyes and focus on the breath on the tip of your nostrils. Meditation is simple and terribly difficult for us Westerners. We feel we must be busy all the time in order to be productive. As thoughts arise notice them and let them go. There are many styles of Meditation. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about establishing a Meditation practice.

Meditation is a form of Mindfulness. Meditation is taking the seat. The people I know and teachers I’ve studied with who practice Meditation and Yoga are more mindful and aware because they have more tools in their toolbox. They are calm in time of uncertainty and they are able to react appropriately at the apt time.

Meditation won’t change you but it will make life taste sweeter.