Play Hard, Rest Hard

So many of my peers (the Thirty-Forty-Something Peeps) are pushing themselves so hard in their workouts that they go from sitting, standing all day to feeling like they have to punish themselves in their workouts five days-a-week or more. Last week’s Blog was about being sweet to you. You aren’t an NFL player are you? (Well, maybe you are.) Athletes have active rest days and practice Yoga too. I’m no stranger to the challenge and I went from being a gym, workout rat to chilling out in Power Yoga. 

I’ve always been looking for something more. I took a Meditation Series at twenty-two and that was like learning how to run before learning how to walk. The Yoga Flow-Style of Power Vinyasa tamed me and brought me to my seat. It both physically and mentally prepped me for Meditation. To my Forty-Something Friends out there who are beating up their bodies in their workouts: Chill the $$% OUT! Play hard and Rest hard. See you on the mat, in your seat or in the air soon!

Sarah Reilly