Make Space: Go to Yoga

Yes, school is back in session and there are more cars, more people on the road, busier schedules, and less time to get to there. That is why it is important to continue your Yoga Practice. When you make time for yourself on your mat, you create more space for everything else. 

Yoga helps us to slow down our breathing and be in the moment. In Yoga Teacher Training, we are taught that there are four parts to a breath—not just the inhale and exhale. Inhale begins the breath, then there is a pause before the exhalation, the exhalation, and the pause before the next inhale. When we slow down our breathing we are less likely to react. The constant hustle and bustle creates more anxiety. Having a mindfulness practice like yoga helps to create a steady foundation for making other healthy decisions like what we put on our plate and in our mouth.

By continuing a yoga practice in the slow times and the busy times provides a constant cushion of support. Honoring the transitions between the poses much like the pauses between inhales and exhales, allows the yoga practitioner to slow down even in the most fast of Vinyasa-Flow Yoga Classes. By practicing the breath and honoring the transitions between the poses, you are able to create more space in your mind and in your body. See you on the mat soon!

Good luck Ursinus College Students!