Yoga Etiquette

First time to a Yoga Studio or to Flower Garden Yoga? Welcome.

Below are a few things to help you prepare for a class. The first one is a big one for Flower Garden Yoga. For more information about Yoga Etiquette and our procedures for cancelations, click the Terms, Policies, & Yoga Etiquette at the bottom of the page.


1. Bring your own Water! To lower our carbon footprint, we don't sell bottled water. We have a water fountain to refill your refillable container.


2. Wear comfortable, stretchy, clean clothing that allows you to move—Yoga Clothes. For girls yoga pants or yoga shorts and a tank top, bras that is fitting and will stay in place in down dog. For boys long basketball shorts work great


3. Bring your own yoga Mat and Towel. We have some you can borrow


4. If it is your first time here and you didn’t sign up on-line come ten minutes early to get settled


5. No strong perfumes


6. Don’t eat a big meal right before Yoga Class; have a light snack before those late night snacks or noon classes


7. Arrive to class relatively clean. Don’t be too stinky or you will become a potpourri of bad smells


8. Neatly return yoga blocks and props


9. No socks, no shoes, no problem. Leave your shoes in the Storefront. No shoes in Yoga Room


10. Inform the Yoga Instructor of any current or old injuries or issues that are going on in your body. Our Yoga Staff assists with hands-on touch, if you don't want to be assisted, let them know. Assisting is to take you deeper into your pose, support you, or to help correct misalignment. There are soft stones in the Yoga Room, place a soft stone on your mat if you would like to be assisted.


10.5 Leave your competitive spirit at the door. Why? You can overstretch or muscle through a new shape that your body hasn't explored before and create injury. Yoga is a Science of Health and Wholeness. It is about getting back to the best Blueprint of You. 



For Aerial Yoga there are additional guidelines because the fabric in the hammocks is made strong but can tear, once there is a tear it will make a large rip. Please dress accordingly, if you rip the Yoga Hammock you pay for it. The material for the Yoga Hammocks is $200.00.


1.  No jewelry, includes earrings and fitbits 

2.  No zippers on clothing or hard wear in clothing

3.  Arrive to class clean

4.  Wear stretchy clothing

5.  No tank tops; wear a T-shirt that covers your armpits