Building Me: I am a Multi-Layered Sky Rise: This is how Yoga makes me Feel

Building Me: I am a Multi-Layered Sky Rise

Someone must have spilt coffee on the blueprints

Because they are all spoiled

The foundation must be faulty

 Because the steel skeleton is all tilted

The inspector said the electrical wiring,

"Does not meet requirements"

Bring out the bulldozer and the wrecking ball 

It all has to crumble and fall

Before I start over

Drafting the layout

 Graphing the blueprints

 Each floor created slowly with precision

 First the foundation is dug

 Then the skinny but strong, steel skeleton

Is put in place

 The siding and floors, making the high, sky rise

 The exterior siding adds shape and stability

 Kitchen cabinets, sinks, built-in closet organizers

 Adds more character to each living unit

 Dishwasher, refrigerator, washer-dryer

 Slide into their place

 This is looking more-and-more

 Like someone could inhabit this space


Sarah Reilly