Happy 4th of July: Celebrating our Freedom

July 9this the day that Rosaleen was born—six years ago today! Who is Rosaleen you may ask? My first-born daughter and she is a gift to us. In tending to the business end of the studio I was missing my family and having my doubts about this whole adventure I was taking everyone on, so I called them and my husband (who is doing an amazing job at holding down the fort) took them grocery shopping and she said over his phone, “Mommy, I’m skipping right now!” I heard her laughter and I knew that I was doing the right thing and that we can all work together as a family to create Flower Garden Yoga. We have to be flexible. Mostly I have to be flexible and know that the way that John handles home life is different than me but it gets done. I’m getting older and becoming more flexible body/heart/mind.

In yoga we flex and stretch our bodies. All this moving and holding of postures is a celebration of life. Some days we notice we can’t get into a pose like yesterday or that someone else in front of us is one of those ‘Yoga Rock Stars,’ and we compare ourselves to our old body or to other bodies in the room. Yoga is a celebration I tell you. We celebrate our freedom and our family. We evolve and grow on our mat and in our personal lives by sitting with ourselves in the postures. Happy Fourth! Happy Birthday Rosaleen!  Celebrate our Differences. Celebrate your Freedom. Celebrate You. See you on the mat soon.



Sarah Reilly