Communicating is Listening: The Vishuddha Chakra and the Color Blue

Everything is in relationship to each other. Communication takes a listener for the speaker to be heard. The feminine Sakti (pronounced Shakti) power of the Goddess is present during the receptivity of a conversation. The ear to hear or the eyes to see is Sakti energy. The male energy of Siva (pronounced Shiva) is the orator. Therefore, for a conversation to be successful the Divine lovers, Siva and Sakti need to be present. Communication is a dance and both partners need to be present, for the music to be heard and the dance to be danced.


Another ingredient for the recipe of communication is an open Visuddha Chakras, which is the wheel of energy that encompasses the throat, ears, and yes the mouth. Vishuddha means “purification.” When your throat Chakras is open you can more easily find your words and you can take in the conversation coming at you. In our fast lives, often we are coming up with our reaction to the speaker in our mind and we aren’t able to hear the whole story that they are providing. Most of us need more Sakti energy in our communication. To do this focus on your breath while the speaker has the floor. Practice lengthening your inhales and exhales to keep your mind and body open and hospitable.


One of the ways that we open Vishuddha Chakra in a Hatha Yoga (physical practice of yoga) is to chant the word AUM or as you know it OM (we will get to the meaning of OM in another BLOG). The vibration of this deep tone helps to heal, purify doubt and fear. What is there to be afraid of? For many it is the simple acceptance that, "I am enough just as I am." To become more receptive and kind to yourself and accept you as you today—meditate on the color blue. The color turquoise—the color of the summer sky meeting the ocean; think of this color at your throat as you chant the word OM. Open to your own power as a co-creator in your life.


This is the color of the studio space at Flower Garden Yoga.


Sarah ReillyComment