Opening Flower Garden Yoga: Perspective

This first week of the studios opening just like in life has been amazing, challenging and reassuring. The people that are looking for us have been finding Flower Garden Yoga. Some of my students that have been studying with me for over fifteen years that I’ve been teaching have touched base and some of them have been driving the distance to wish me well in this new business. I so thank you for that! I appreciate all the people that my Yoga Career has connected me too, even the toughest nuts to crack, which honestly taught me the most about Teaching Yoga


This week’s theme was about Perspective. As I opened the doors to the studio I posted on Social Media, which is a nice, cheap commercial to an audience of your peers and friends. Just like anything you post to the Public, I came across a few negative posts in return. Mostly just warning me that, “opening a yoga studio is nice but it is still a business and you will have to make tough decisions.” For sure I will and I have and I will have to again. The negative tones in their response didn’t discourage me. “Better a labor of love than a loveless labor,” I said to my students this last week. We work harder for what we love and enjoy. Yoga isn’t a hobby for me, it has been my lifeline, my work, the way I wake the day. I look forward to brining my years of experience of teaching Yoga and Meditation as a healing art to the Collegeville Area. Come join us soon on the mat!


Sarah Reilly